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Kelly Cardwell

Brand Manager, VIP (Very Important Playtester)

Thomas may be the creative powerhouse of TomCardGames, but I pride myself on being a great teammate when it comes to playtesting and hosting friends for game nights. I also help Thomas manage all social media pages of TomCardGames!


Thomas Cardwell

Game Designer

I have been developing games since middle school and have played way too many games since (if such a thing exists). I took game design classes as part of my Computer Science degree at the University of Texas. In more recent years, I have leaned into board games as a break on the eyes from my day job in software. With a current focus on streamlined strategy games accessible to a wide audience, I am aiming with TomCardGames to provide some insight into the indie game design process, connect with the gaming community, and bring excellent games to a table near you.

About Us

The TomCardGames Crew™

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