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Thank you to everyone who supported the Kickstarter! It means a lot to my wife and me to see so many people excited about the games and the product. I'd love to be able to turn the success of this into more projects in the future, so I've launched a web shop,!

You can pre-order copies of the book there! In case you are a Kickstarter backer, please wait until I send out the shipping surveys to add more books and bags to your order, but you will be able to do so when that happens!

Since this represents the hard work of a few different people, I wanted a place where the PNW project could live outside of myself and the tomcardgames moniker, but still represent the work that's gone into it from me and my lovely partner. I'm thrilled with the reception of the Kickstarter, and excited for the next steps in the journey, including getting all the amazing backers their books.

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Fun game of the week: my wife and I are still enjoying Baldur's Gate (at our own pace). The scope of the game is just incredible, and I very much enjoy how much thought and care went into building it.

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