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The Very Beginning

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


I'm Thomas Cardwell, an indie game designer based out of Seattle, Washington. I'll be doing progress posts on games I'm working on, discussing game mechanics, writing regular board game reviews, and hopefully end up posting links to help fund making some games! You'll probably also see my lovely wife, Kelly, hopping around these parts, occasionally posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and right here on the blog.

Me and my wife in a forest, looking cute.
Me and the aforementioned wonderful wife. Photo by TwoPair Photography.

I'm currently working on my first game that I'd like to publish, Element of Surprise. To whet your appetite, here's the working tagline for Element of Surprise:

Can you utilize your elemental powers to fend off your foes, turning your powers into elements and your elements into victory?

I started development with sticky notes on Magic cards, my dusty collection of basic lands coming in handy at last. Now I'm on playtest number twenty-five and still using poker chips and some printed cards with smudged pen (alas, the left-handed curse), but things are moving along.

Until next time!


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